Centralized production of pots for glass melting began in the Czech part of the Austro-Hungarian empire in the first half of the 1890s. At that time, the first pot-making plant was founded at a small village called Hrob situated at the foot of the Ore mountain range. The original building where the production started is still standing but it was rebuilt recently and converted into offices serving the needs of the company KERAMO PLUS.

The dynamic development of the glass industry in Bohemia soon resulted in the increase in the capacity demands. To meet this challenge the company had to expand its production facilities, built the office building, the building of the mill and other premises.

The production in Hrob is expanding and the tradition continues.

The positive outcome of a R & D program in 1972 helped introduce the manufacture of extruded pots. There was also a plant founded by Adolf Pöhner in Teplice in 1924 and specialized in the manufacture of slip-cast pots; the production of this type of pots was transferred to the Hrob plant in 1985.

There was a change in ownership in 1989 when Teplotechna sold the pot making plant and a new share-holding company called Kostany Glassworks & Pot Making was formed (the Czechoslovak state represented by the Fund of National Wealth was the only owner).

The share-holding company KERAMO PLUS is founded on December 5, 2001 as a successor and upholder of the long tradition in the manufacture of pots and refractory articles for glass industry.

At the end of 2014 coming organizational changes.  The main goal is to keep tradition of production in Czech Republic, but also win new customers and to seek new opportunities and directions so that our company will be as respected manufacturer, partner and employer.

Keramo plus, Inc. goes on – come with us!